The warranty applies strictly to Trampoline Web and Warehouse branded trampolines for domestic use only. 

The products come with manufacturing warranties that warrant the products to be free of workmanship and material defects for the period as detailed under “Warranty Period” (“the warranty”). The warranty covers the original purchaser only.

    Warranty Periods

    The warranty period starts from the date of purchase (full payment date).


    Mat & Springs




    Extended Frame Warranties

    Above the "Add to Cart" button, you have the option of extending the frame warranty in addition to our standard warranty term.

    This extended warranty covers the trampoline steel framework only from:

    • Frame failure
    • Cracking
    • Extreme corrosion

    Extended Warranty Periods

    For an additional price (depending on the size of your trampoline) you have the option of doubling your frame warranty from 5 years to 10 years. 

    Minimise Risk of Damage

    Install, carry out pre-use checks, use and maintain your trampoline as per the Owners & Users Manual, this will also provide longer life for your trampoline.

    The Owners & Users Manual is provided with the trampoline, we also provide a copy of this on our website.

    • Normal wear and tear can be minimised by completing regular checks, maintaining the trampoline as required and using the trampoline as per the Owner’s Manual.
    • The materials used to manufacture your trampoline have UV protection in mind however UV degredation rates are dependent on weather conditions and the impact varies with your location within Australia, covering the trampoline when not in use is beneficial.
    • Surface rust can usually be prevented by keeping the steel items insulated from direct earth, chemicals and longer term moisture contact.
    • The risk from damaging weather events are the responsibility of the owner, this can be offset by suitable home and contents insurance. A wind anchor system will help prevent damage in high winds but there are limits i.e. it won’t help much in extreme winds, (cyclone forces), if need be dismantle your trampoline or move to a suitable inside building for these periods.

    Fixing a Warranty Problem

    All trampolines are packaged at the manufacturing plant with an appropriate level of quality checking controls in place so it is rare for items to be missing or faulty, however if it does happen we will endeavour to resolve any missing or faulty part as soon as practical.

    Any incomplete or faulty products can be potentially hazardous to the user so do not use this product until resolved, please contact us immediately by filling our our Warranty Registration form.

    Return to Base Warranty

    • We may need the faulty item back to the point of purchase either for assessment, exchange or for re-work, if this is the case we will need the effected items returned to us prior to releasing replacement items to you.
    • Any shipping is the purchasers responsibility and cost, however we are mindful to minimise unnecessary costs where we can so we will endeavour to resolve any issues without the need to use any shipping at all, this is assessed on a case by case basis.
    • Good quality digital photos can be used to help us assess the detailed nature and specifics of the problem.
    • The product must be returned in suitably secure packaging to prevent any damage in transit, (intact original packaging is ideal).
    • All defective or missing parts deemed to fit within the warranty will be replaced by seller free of charge, excluding any labour or delivery costs.

    Warranty Exclusions

    The warranty does not cover:

    • Surface rust
    • Commercial use
    • Colour degradation
    • Normal wear and tear
    • Incorrectly assembled items
    • Re-assembly of warranty items
    • Misuse, abuse and accidental damage
    • Weather events such as high winds, floods etc