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  16-2019-07   |     Dan van der Vlies   |    23687
8 Health benefits that a trampoline can provide

Trampolines are often just viewed from the entertainment perspective not as much from the health angle. The health benefits that kids or adults get from jumping on a trampoline is often disguised give.. Read More

  12-2019-11   |     Julie Mc   |    37294
Trampolines In New Zealand For Sale

We are an Australian company, proud designer, importer and retailer of GeeTramp trampolines. With an active instagram account with a following from New Zealand parkour, Gymnastic, kids they often aske.. Read More

  12-2019-11   |     Julie Mc   |    35493
First Ever Female Gtramp Athlete in GTGames in the World.

For the past year, Greg Roe with several sponsors has been hosting events for the Gramp community to come together to compete and also learn some ways to do some things safer. By supporting a "freesty.. Read More

  12-2019-11   |     Julie Mc   |    30221
GTGames Australia and New Zealand 2020

Fri., Jan. 24 | Takapuna Beach Holiday Park - A big congratulations to all who got into the first-ever Garden Trampoline Games for Australia and New Zealand. Quite an honor for all of you an.. Read More

  21-2020-06   |     Julie Mc   |    15939
Covid Trampoline Supply

We’re sorry that our blog has been dormant these past few months if you’ve been missing us.We hope you and your family have been keeping well.It really has been an unusual and difficult time at e.. Read More

  12-2019-11   |     Julie Mc   |    38547
GeeTramp Trampoline Display New Zealand

two trampoline parks in New Zealand have invited us to showcase our rectangle trampolines to their customers at their trampoline parks. They have them available to for New Zealanders in.. Read More

  07-2021-06   |     Julie Mc   |    2675
New Zealand kids love the 10x17ft HB/NZ

A GeeTramp Force 10x17ft is an Olympic size trampoline and certainly is a statement piece in any garden. It’s desired by many for its internal space that enables the performance of extended tricks and.. Read More

  23-2020-02   |     Julie Mc   |    22951
Maci the only female to compete at GTgames2020

As the Gtramp sport grows and gains a growing interest from kids, coaches, business sponsorship and media. Globally it is surprising that so far there has only been one female competitor.There are oth.. Read More

  13-2020-03   |     Julie Mc   |    18014
What are GeeTramp Trampolines ?

GeeTramp is the trampoline brand that embodies all that families want from a quality trampoline.Ten years in the trampoline market had given us loads of visitor feedback at our display to know what we.. Read More

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