How to ensure you Buy a Safe Trampoline

When you go out or online to purchase a trampoline, you’ll want to consider buying a trampoline with safety net enclosures included in the cost at the same time. An enclosure will provide a great deal of safety for anyone jumping on your trampoline. There are a variety of different enclosures that are available as well as places where you can buy them as they tend to be less interchangeable with other brands depending on the leg / pole numbers and design.

People often say their kids have "grown up without a trampoline net" or "kids need to toughen up" as they didn't have nets on their trampolines when they were kids. The reality is these days with industry and domestic building/safety standards stipulating the use of handrails for anything over one meter. Why would you have your kids doing crazy moves on a trampoline when walking up a few steps onto a deck or veranda is deemed unsafe? We do hear some tragic stories of kids injured from coming off trampolines without nets often what they land on caused additional injuries as well... bikes being very nasty to land on. Our kids grew up mostly without a net but since having a safety net on the trampoline their trampoline skills have improved greatly, they say they now can use the whole trampoline area and the net is now important in more games.

Net Enclosure

If you already have a trampoline and want to buy an enclosure for it, you’ll need to know the size of your trampoline. If the enclosure isn’t chosen for the specific size of the trampoline, then it may not fit. If your trampoline was made by a reputable brand it should be very easy to find an appropriate enclosure. For those who have bought a trampoline from a small importer that doesn't have a permanent business address - ie just sells trampolines at Christmas. Then finding spare parts for your trampoline over time may well be very difficult.

The trampoline net enclosure kit you purchase will most likely come with a number of net support poles. These need to be placed near the legs of the trampoline. Hooks or clamps will be included for you to fasten the poles to the legs. After that, the enclosure is easy to install. If you need an enclosure for a trampoline we supply them for our trampolines and they do often fit other brands too. We give the option to buy the net with poles and net pole clamps or just the trampoline safety net enclosure on its own.

Safety Pads

Other safety measures to take into consideration include be sure that the trampoline you buy includes safety pads. Safety pads keep your trampoline mat stitching protected from the sun, rain and snow. By using them, you can keep the kids away from falling on to the springs. If your trampoline sees a lot of use, be sure and replace the black trampoline jumping mat when it’s showing wear. You don’t want it to get so thin and weak so that someone could fall through it.


A specifically designed trampoline ladder is often not included in trampoline kits and causes much frustration for parents and kids alike. A flat step ladder is more comfortable on bare feet and a much stronger design than round rung trampoline step ladders.


Another very critical part of trampoline maintenance involves watching and replacing worn springs. Monthly monitoring and an application of WD40 will help keep the springs in as good of shape as possible. Replace trampoline springs when they show signs of excessive stretching, rust, or wear. By having good springs you can keep the bounce at its best and protect your family from accidents. Typically springs these days are made with a higher sprung steel and therefore don't open wide enough for fingers or skin to get caught in making the trampoline safer for fingers!

Even with a trampoline enclosure and pads it’s important to follow the safety precautions in order to make your jumping time fun and accident-free. There are some basic safety measures every jumper needs to follow. Prior to getting onto the trampoline, a jumper should remove all jewellery. After jumping, be sure to stretch all your muscles to avoid cramping and prevent any joint problems. If you have any health issues which might limit your use of the trampoline, talk to your doctor first. It may be that he will tell you to do a cardiovascular workout on your trampoline which will greatly improve your circulation.

All Trampolines purchased with "Trampoline Web and Warehouse" come complete with safety net enclosures, safety spring padding, and a ladder.