How to Choose the Right Size Trampoline

One question asked before every family decides on a trampoline....

8x12ft Rectangle TrampolineWhat size trampoline is right for our family and our backyard?

Varying sized trampolines are for different areas, family size, ages and weight. View our guide to the different sizes we offer and where and when they are the best choice for individuals to make a more informed decision.

As an observation over time in this industry we have observed boys tend to prefer round trampolines when younger and then the largest 2 rectangles as teenagers. Girls have a greater tendency to prefer a rectangle over a round trampoline. Boys tend to play all in anything goes, where as girls like to do more in the way of dance and gymnastics routines – having a corner is important. Girls are typically lighter and have less leg strength than boys and for this reason rectangle trampolines are easier for them to get a higher and better bounce.

Round Trampolines

8ft & 10ft Round Trampolines

If you are looking to buy your kids a trampoline but don’t have a large area, then an 8 or 10ft trampoline is probably the best choice for you. These smaller trampolines are perfect for a small backyard/courtyard or families with smaller children. Remember though you should only ever have one child on an 8ft or 10ft trampoline at a time. In such a small space it is probable that they will jump into each another and could hurt each other. The 8ft trampoline is also lower to the ground so weight is also an issue so just check that before your final decision. If you have the room and can afford to go with a 10ft over an 8ft then do it as a 10ft is a better long term choice. But an 8ft trampoline is better than no trampoline and even more important if you do only have a small yard.

12ft Round Trampolines

Perfect for most families with say 2 kids. They don't take up too much space but you can safely have larger children or young adults bouncing on them. 2 small kids can be on it together or older kids one at a time.

14ft & 15ft Round Trampolines

These bigger trampolines, “Entertainers” as we call them are the trampoline of trampolines! These are the trampolines everyone gets if they have the money and the surplus yard area. They are by sheer size safer, more fun and you can fit more than one child/person on at a time. If you have a larger family or your kids are all 10 and up then this is the trampoline for you. These sizes are of great value if your kids are sociable and have friends over regularly, a trampoline will entertain them beautifully for hours!

Rectangle Trampolines

7x10ft Rectangle Trampoline

A very nice small rectangle trampoline, ideal to pop in between the cubby and swing set or garden shed. These sized trampolines are nice and compact and have a similar application as to the round 8 or 10ft trampoline. Due to the smaller size a 1 child at a time rule should apply. Can be built into the ground easily.

8x12ft Rectangle Trampoline

Great trampoline with very good bounce for kids up to 12/13 years of age. If they are into gymnastics this is the most common trampoline for juniors to be using to practice their routines. A better bounce is common on a rectangle trampoline compared to say a 12ft round trampoline due to one side being a shorter in length. This trampoline is ideal to be tucked into a corner or as an in ground trampoline.

9x14ft Rectangle Trampoline

We had this trampoline made for the kids that do gymnastics but find the 8x12ft a little too short to round out their flips and therefore landing on the pads instead of the trampoline mat. The extra 2 foot makes a significant difference without compromising on the bounce. This trampoline has ample room for 2 kids into their teens. This trampoline is a much stronger design than the other 2 smaller rectangle trampolines having a much thicker frame and pads.

10x17ft Olympic Size Rectangle Trampoline

You do need a big back yard for this one and really not suitable for toddlers unless you are really aware that they will not get a good bounce out of this until they are 8/9 years old; it's better suited to older kids. If comparing to a true gymnastics trampoline that has a 2 string woven mat then this trampoline isn’t quite as bouncy. Kids would need to be about 65-70kg to get the height to do a double somersault. More suited to the tumble mat and single flip routines more commonly done. Excellent trampoline for general family use and self invented ball games. A heavy duty frame makes this a long term back yard investment.

14x16ft Rectangle Trampoline

This trampoline is getting close to being a square and is a great size to make a big statement. We have 4 teenagers and this is the trampoline we have taking over our backyard. It is a well used trampoline even though the kids are ages 15 to 19+. It is a great space for soccer, wrestling and for a good old game of jumping tag. It is the neighbourhood magnet as well so be prepared to have the extras jumping over the fence to have a bounce too! Well over 200kg this trampoline is not moved to mow under – drop the mower handles and under you go! Again a quality thick and robust frame for long term enjoyment. This is the trampoline of choice of a number of cheerleading kids. Ideal for tumbling and practicing techniques that are ultimately to be used directly on floor once they are confident.

Be sure to instil trampoline safety considerations as priority to your kids regardless of size trampoline you decide to purchase, making sure that you teach your kids how to play safely on a trampoline and this will reduce the chance of injuries.

Any further questions please contact us to discuss.