GeeTramp Water Spray Kit

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The GeeTramp® Water Spray Kit is a great way to enjoy your trampoline and keep refreshingly cool at the same time.

The spray nozzle creates a fine water spray into the trampoline jumping area.

The kit includes 1 spray nozzle, a generous amount of tubing, on/off valve and cable ties.

Ideal for warm or hot weather

Keep active and have more fun for longer when the warm weather arrives

Water Usage

The fine water spray from the spray nozzle uses a relatively small amount of water compared to a garden sprinkler.

Simple to Install

The GeeTramp® Water Spray Kit is mounted up a net pole sleeve or cable tied to a net pole.
The standard garden hose is then able to connect to the trampoline and away you go.

The GeeTramp Water Spray Kit

  • GeeTramp® Round and Rectangle Trampolines.
  • Web and Warehouse® Round and Rectangle Trampolines.
  • Most other brands that have an open top net pole sleeve.
  • Most other brands with bare net poles (no foam or sleeve).
  • Will also fit closed top net pole sleeves by creating a small exit hole for the tube at the top of the net pole area.

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