GeeTramp Anchor Kit - Medium

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Suitable for all GeeTramp® trampolines and most other trampolines of similar design.

This wind anchor kit has been designed to secure trampolines of all sizes in windy conditions. In Australia and New Zealand conditions are rather unpredictable and unfortunately, it only takes one extra windy day to launch the trampoline in the air which will most likely destroy it and more worryingly, damage other property or cause injury.

What are we trying to avoid?

This is a picture of a trampoline that wasn't secured correctly and went airborne on the first windy day. Obviously, we don't want this happening to you!

Storm Damaged Trampoline

The weight of a trampoline is no insurance to prevent your trampoline from getting airborne, we have seen large and heavy (250kg plus) trampolines end up a long way from home, over fences, into trees etc.  Most trampoline tie down kits on the market should protect your trampoline from getting airborne in mildly windy conditions, however, this kit will go a step further and give your trampoline a fighting chance of staying put in a lot wilder weather.

This wind anchor kit is simple to install, with clear instructions to secure your trampoline to the ground. The wind anchors are designed to install towards the inside of the trampoline so it's not a tripping hazard. Also, the ratchet strap system allows for easy release if you ever need to move your trampoline.

The 450mm pickets are ideal for compact/firm soil such as clay, if you have looser soil you may need the extra heavy duty trampoline wind anchor kit which has longer (and larger in diameter) 600mm longer pickets.

The ratchet straps are designed specifically for outdoor trampoline wind anchor use, it easily connects the main trampoline frame to the star picket, the ratchet strapping is made and certified to load restraint Australia Standards AS/NZS: 4380. The LC (Lashing Capacity) of each strap is rated at 400kg with a BS (Breaking Strain) of 800kg.


This product is compatible with the following trampolines. However, will be compatible with many other trampolines.

  • All GeeTramp® trampolines
  • Vuly 2 without Vuly's skirt accessory
  • Vuly Lift without Vuly's skirt accessory
  • Vuly Lift Pro without Vuly's skirt accessory
  • Vuly Thunder (galvanised models)
  • Vuly Classic

  • 4 x 450mm star pickets
  • 4 x Yellow caps (for star pickets)
  • 4 x Ratchet straps
  • 1 x Instructions

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