About Us


We are a registered business in New Zealand with our Head Office in Australia and have warehouse facilities in New Zealand and Australia. We import trampolines that are Australian designed and certified to Australian Safety Standards for the Australian and New Zealand markets. 

Australia’s largest interactive trampoline display

We have provided the largest rectangle trampoline display in Australia since 2009, this has let families come and test bounce and try for size prior to making any purchases decisions. For 10 years we have been listening and observing to the feedback from kids of all ages and needs. This benefits others in Australia and New Zealand who can't make it to the display as we are able to pass on this experience to assist you in selecting the right trampoline for your family. This can be done directly over the phone or via our website.

Commitment to customers

Our ongoing commitment to you is to be actively researching and improving our trampolines and parts for function, safety and durability.

Our customers benefit from our special working relationships with our suppliers. We continue to visit their factories annually and have built genuine friendships with them and their families. We design our trampolines here in Australia; they are made in China to our unique specifications with a high focus on quality. 

Australian Standards

In 2016 all our trampolines met one of the toughest trampoline testings in the world, to be certified under the 2015 Australian Standards. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only company to have this certification on rectangle trampolines.

We supply to the savviest consumers in the world and to exceed the Australian Standards is an achievement we are very proud of. New Zealand currently does not have its own specified Standards for trampolines however Australian Standards is an accepted Standard.

Selling with integrity

Another significant point of difference to many other suppliers is we are serious about communication and education for our customers. We will always give you every piece of information, so you’re fully informed about what to expect from the trampoline you purchase for your family.

Unlike other companies, whose advice is “buy the biggest trampoline you can afford”, we consider every aspect and understand that trampolines aren’t a “one size fit all” product. We are serious about only selling you the right one without any pressure at all.

Genuine family to family

All our products come to you with the assurance they've been integrated into our lives and tested by our family of 4 active kids (now all adults – 3 boys/1 girl) and 27 nieces and nephews. We are fortunate for our extensive network of family and friends as they have most of our range of trampolines in service with their kids. This allows us to keep an eye on the products over their lifetime.

From each point of contact with us, you’ll soon know we enjoy what we do, and endeavour to make all your dealings with us efficient, informative and friendly.

Our personal trampoline history

Trampolines have been a part of our family’s life for close to 40 years. Julie’s sister has down syndrome, and their parents bought a trampoline for her when she was little, which assisted her muscle tone and speech.

Our children have grown up with a trampoline that had no padding and no enclosure, and there have been some scary times finding the kids kitted with plastic bags ready to fly off into the wind, or up a tree ready to jump down onto the trampoline.

As a family, safety is a critical feature that we are always striving to improve.

The beginning

“Web and Warehouse” was born through the desire to provide a fun and happy home environment for our family, with affordable and quality trampolines. From where this all began to where we are now, we have come a long way (especially in our trampoline product knowledge and understanding).

Ultimately, this ensures that we can provide our customers with an in-depth product knowledge and high-quality items.  

As each family is different, our trampoline range has grown to be quite extensive to ensure the right trampoline is available for your family size, how your kids will use the trampoline, your garden layout and your budget.

As a family, we make a unique business team, we all relate well to each other, communicate respectfully and come with a range of diverse skills. This ensures the product development, sourcing, importing, marketing, admin and accounting are all handled in house, efficiently and professionally in a fun environment.

Hope to chat with you soon

We are here to clarify any questions you might have, whether that is over the phone, via our website or right here in our warehouse and display area.

Trampolines have become a part of many Australian and New Zealander kids’ lives. 

We look forward to your call.

Julie, Andrew and family

Top Photo - Family - Andrew - Julie - Hamish - Angus

Bottom Photo - William - Eloise - Cody