GeeTramp 260x28mm Trampoline Spring

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This is a Longer Life Spring, it has more Spring Coil Capacity than a Standard Spring.

This spring suits our and other branded Round and Rectangle Outdoor Trampolines.

Will also suit many other brands however we recommend purchaser carefully measures their existing Springs to compare sizes prior to purchasing.

If ordering for a Rectangle Trampoline be aware that the hook / shank on the end that attaches to the frame is often longer on a Rectangle Trampoline than on a Round Trampoline - take extra care in checking this length.

If you are missing even one or two Trampoline Springs you are best to get replacement springs to keep your trampoline in a safe condition. Once one Spring is out of action the Springs on either side take on additional load which leads to an increasing cycle of more failures. This also applies to the Jumping Mat attaching points so in addition to more Spring failures the Jumping Mat is also likely to have more points fail.

A = 260mm

B = 37mm

C = 28mm

D = 3.4mm

Measurements can vary ± 2mm, between manufactured batches. Use sizes shown as a guide and please contact us if you need clarification.

Spring Length 260mm
Spring Wire Diameter 3.4mm
Spring Coil Diameter 28mm
Spring Finish Gold Zinc

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