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Hi there! We're a trampoline store, based in Geelong, Australia, with warehouses in Australia and New Zealand. We stock a huge range of round, rectangle Trampolines. We'll be sure to have the right one for you and your family. Purchasing a trampoline can be a daunting task, but our friendly staff are here and ready to help at any stage to ensure you get the perfect trampoline for your family.

Once you have your trampoline and have been loving it for years and years, you can come back and add more fun with our great range of accessories or do some maintenance and get new parts to keep your trampoline safe.

Rectangle Trampolines

Due to the extra bounce rectangle trampolines naturally have, they are extremely popular especially for gymnasts that want to practice their tricks and flips in their backyard. Also, they utilise the backyard space very well and seem to fit in those smaller yards a bit better. 

  • Naturally higher bounce - with a 'high bounce' option available with most sizes
  • Fits well in the backyard
  • Strong & durable frame
  • High bounce mats available (on most rectangle trampolines)

Round Trampolines

Our round trampolines are awesome value as the shape naturally has a lot of strength, therefore you don't need such large tubing which saves on cost while remaining very strong. We have developed our trampolines over many years, and we're very proud of where they are now in terms of quality, safety, and bounce.

  • Large bouncing area for price
  • Look great in the yard
  • Thick and durable pads

Recent Google Reviews

Khanh K Huynh

a month ago

"Pretty sure these guys used speed hack to deliver the Geetramp 12ft round to my place. I placed the order at around 12pm and received the trampoline by 4pm 😆 The operator on live chat was helpful and informative. Highly recommended!!"

Sonia Le

9 months ago

"From the personalised call I received in no time after my online enquire, to the finished product I am literally jumping with joy. Julie had the time and patience to answer and explain any questions I had. Wasn’t pushy gave me all the time I needed to think and choose the product I wanted. Truly an informed decision. I didn’t go with her recommendation of High Bounce and AU springs which is the top choice. I went with the middle choice of High Bounce and have since regretted not paying the extra $300. I LOVE this trampoline, I love the fact that it is so strong and sturdy that EVERY family member can have fun, without the fear that it will bust. I, 37 year old female, assembled the frame and mat alone in 2h, ( if you are good at IKEA this is a breeze) you need help with the net minimum 2 people. My kids come home everyday from school now and the first thing they ask is if they can go bounce. Not PLaystation....not iPad but tramp! Soooo happy. But to be very honest....I bought it for me. No gymnastics background or cheerleading. But sure want to learn! Love it, love it, love it! Thanks Julie."

Gerard Putker

5 months ago

"These people are just amazing. Place an order, get a followup phone call to confirm delivery, get the unit in perfect order. Fast, easy, simple, proficient and professional - just perfect. A few months down the track we had a broken spring - rang them and within seconds a new one was dispatched. No questions - No Issues - No problems. Buy with absolute confidence - these people know how to run a business properly. Amazing."